What is DISC Profiling and How it will benefit your business?


Are you wanting to improve your team’s performance?

More than one million people every year use DISC personal assessment tool to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. The DISC assessment examines how an individual ranks in the four areas of behaviour:  Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

DISCIf you don’t understand what drives your actions and behaviours, it’s difficult to cultivate positive growth. As you discover yourself and what inspires you, you’ll identify what may hold you back from productivity and success, as well as the traits, habits and behaviours that propel you forward.

These assessments are also useful in a sales environment, training members of a sales team to recognise and respond to the unique styles of their prospects or customers.

During a recent Team Development Day, the team at Wardle Partners Accountants underwent DISC profiling along with some associated activities to understand what each profile means and how to relate with each group of people accordingly. The session was facilitated by an experienced DISC profiler, Chris Beard from Trusted Advisor Network, which allowed the Wardle Partners team to identify the behavioural preferences of each team member.

Business, People & Culture Manager, Christie Cleyman said the DISC profile helped us discover how individuals respond to different situations and gave the team constructive insights into their interpersonal communication preferences, thereby promoting stronger cohesiveness as a team.

Owner Mark Mackenzie said the profile gave us valuable insights on how to identify our certain behavioural styles and therefore how to maximise our potential for job satisfaction.  It can also be an invaluable recruitment tool.

Chris is a strong believer that self-awareness is essential to success. Each team member was able to openly let the rest of the team know their own personal communication style and what approach works best for them.

Take charge of your team and your business! Contact Chris for more information regarding DISC profiling and how it will benefit the communication and productivity of your team.

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