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Kristian Evaristo

Kristian Evaristo

Taxation & Business Accountant


Meet Kristian Evaristo

Kristian believes that honesty and integrity are a must for being an effective accountant. These two words not only sum up his personality perfectly, but this approach has allowed Kristian to do his job exceedingly well, which at the end of the day “is all about getting the best results for our clients”.

Having worked as an accountant since 2011, Kristian’s favourite aspect of the role is his ability to find solutions to problems. As a natural problem-solver, Kristian claims that it can sometimes be likened to working on a jigsaw puzzle.  The final piece of the puzzle is when you find issues with the client’s financial data, and then fixing it completes the picture.   Helping people to make the best financial decisions with their business is another aspect of his role that Kristian loves.

With a strong analytical approach and passion for all things numbers makes Kristian a valued asset to the Wardle Partners team. Born in the Philippines, Kristian is trilingual, speaking fluent English, Filipino, and his native dialect Kapampangan.

Family is a top priority for Kristian. Spending quality time at home with his partner and his young daughter is a must. He also values spending time with his extended family who are important role models and act as an inspiration to Kristian.

In his downtime, Kristian enjoys cycling and photography. Each Sunday morning, Kristian heads out on his bike to challenge and push himself. With a love for travelling, Kristian enjoys a good road trip to explore places he has never seen before. As a lover of the great outdoors, he also enjoys any location where he can explore nature or where there is a beach. It comes as no surprise then, that Kristian’s favourite thing to photograph is nature and the beach.

His favourite quote is “If you have the choice between being right and being kind, always choose being kind”.


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Bachelor of  Science (Accounting)

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